Hi, I'm Blaine Yates and this is my journey.

Several years ago I stood atop Mount Ranier in Washington as the sun rose. I remember watching in awe as the dark landscape gloriously lit up before my eyes. We have all seen sunrises and even amazing vistas, but there are very few like those from mountain peaks with unimpeded views for miles around. As I witnessed this I realized that there are millions of people who would never be able to have this experience. The idea for this project and journey began to materialize.

Over the next couple years I will be summitting the highest peaks in all fifty states. Some of these will be enormously challenging such as Denali in Alaska, Mount Ranier in Washington, Granite Peak in Montana, and Gannett Peak in Wyoming. Some of them will be less challenging as I get to the Plains States and the Southeast. I look forward to these as well and the interesting people I will meet along the way. Please join me as I share my experiences and document my adventures through my blog and photography.

Along the way, I'll be archiving my best images and ultimately assembling what I hope will be a beautiful representation of these landscapes in a coffee table collectors volume at the end of the journey.

In the mean time, please feel free to browse through the images on the site. All are available for purchase directly from the site in print or digital formats. I use top rated vendors to provide you with the best image quality on all your print orders.

Thank you for joining me,